Schools, colleges and universities all face unique challenges when it comes to keeping their networks and servers secure, as more and more cyber criminals are targeting this sector. In fact, 35 percent of all security breaches take place in higher education, with a rate of more than one data breach per week. There are many different threats that educational institutions have to face, but hacking and malware are the most common. This involves electronic entry via an outside party and tends to result in significant data loss.

You have probably heard about the Sony Hack. This is one of the most famous data breaches, but the truth is, there are several educational institutions that have experienced worse. The University of Maryland is the most notable, with more than 300,000 staff, faculty and student records being compromised, with names, social security numbers, university ID numbers and birth dates being stolen.

Schools, colleges and universities are targeted because there is an abundance of information for hackers to get access too, and cyber criminals recognise that most educational institutions do not have effective security systems in place. This is something we are here to change with RetailCompli, as we offer a cost-efficient, simplified cloud-based management solution that will provide your organisation with the level of protection it requires.

There are many effective features for you to benefit from, including LAN segregation and our inbuilt firewall. Through network isolation, we can ensure that all secure details remain segregated from other traffic so that access is restricted, and you are not at a risk of a data breach or non-compliance fine. This solution is easy to implement; you don’t need any technical know-how, nor is the set-up costly. Give us a call today to discover more.