Simple and Affordable Cyber Security

If you run a barber shop, and you don’t have some form of cyber security in place, you are running a huge risk. Not only could you find yourself facing hefty fines in the form of non-compliance, but also a data breach is something that could see the end of your business, especially for small local barbers who would find it impossible to come back from something like this.

"I don't need cyber security; hackers aren't going to target my business."

A lot of salon owners don’t tend to give a lot of consideration to cyber and network security, as they have a tendency to assume that this is something that only the large corporations need to concern themselves with. After all, why would a cyber criminal think to attack a small local barber shop? Surely they have bigger fish to fry? Actually, you are the perfect target for cyber criminals, with more and more turning towards barber shops and other SMEs.

The reason for this is because they know that you don’t have the resources or time that large enterprises do when it comes to cyber security. Thus, they know that they are going to be able to exploit your system’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities with ease. There is also a lot to gain as well. Just think about the number of your clients that pay via credit or debit card when they get a haircut. A cyber criminal recognises that in one theft they can gain access to a significant number of card details.

Protect yourself from fraud losses, non-compliance fines, and severe reputational damage.

This is why we have designed RetailCompli, to help businesses in your position. You don’t have to worry about devoting extortionate sums of money or time. In fact, we have simplified cyber security with our cloud-based management offering, which features in-built firewalls for end-to-end protection.


  • PCI DSS Level 1 Certified Solution
  • Payments and business traffic is secured at all times
  • Increase footfall via value-adding services such as Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • No upfront capital cost
  • 3/4G Failover
  • No costly technical know-how needed for set-up; just plug in by site
  • 24x7 monitoring including a support helpline
  • Easy output to SAQ to fully meet PCI DSS standards
  • PCI DSS compliance for payments traffic is enforced and maintained, protecting your business from non-compliance fines or losses to fraud
  • Cloud-based portal from one simple interface for easy remote management
  • Robust network and failover safety making sure you never miss a sale.
  • Internet data usage reporting monitor staff productivity by location

With RetailCompli, there are tons of innovative features that will protect your business and ensure you are compliant. One of the most pivotal is our LAN segregation, which means we will separate the Cardholder Data Environment from all other traffic, so that no one unauthorised has access to sensitive payment information, and the risk of a data breach is minimised by a significant degree.

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