Hosted Desktop


Our world-class Hosted Desktop Service (HDS) provides businesses with a great way of simplifying their IT commitments and thus improving levels of efficiency while reducing costs. In fact, our solution could reduce your IT expenditure by as much as 40 per cent. Our HDS is extremely popular with remote workers and mobile workforces, and with the rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), all businesses will soon necessitate this type of hosting service.

Key Benefits
  • Uniform experience
  • Reduce expenditure
  • High performance and speed
  • Improve mobility
  • Less worries about hardware and software
  • Integrate your own systems and software
  • Improved security and back-ups
  • Continual support
What can you expect from our Hosted Desktop Service?

You will be able to connect to all of your data and applications via one simple and secure user interface, including all of the following – your PC operating system, productivity suite, anti-virus, maintenance, server software, email server, email hygiene, file server, server back up, application server, user back up and print server. This ensures a uniform experience for all employees, which means that they can access the same software no matter where they are. Moreover, it also simplifies your requirements, as you no longer need to concern yourself with upgrades, licenses, and different versions.

Our HDS considerably improves efficiency, and with Retail Secure’s solution you are also assured of high levels of performance and security. This is extremely beneficial for all businesses, especially those with a mobile workforce, as it ensures that your employees can access their desktops from wherever they are – all they need is an Internet connection. With BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) schemes continuing to grow, Hosted Desktop Services are going to be a must to support such schemes. Our service is also popular with mergers and acquisitions, as it allows for a seamless move.

This solution can be entirely tailored to suit your business, and all data is backed up, from company drives to email, to ensure reliability and minimise risk. You won’t need to worry about any data loss or any non-compliance issues. If you have any of your own custom applications, these can be stored within the HDS, and they will be delivered into the start menu as if they are running locally.