Friendly Wi-Fi

Retail Secure is an approved Friendly WiFi provider, meaning we comply with the stringent safety standards that are in place. This means that if you take advantage of our Legally Compliant Guest WiFi service, you will be able to display the Friendly WiFi official logo at your business and reap the benefits that come with offering safe WiFi. For more information - see below:

Benefit from Friendly WiFi at your business when you choose Retail Secure

If you are a Retail Secure Guest WiFi customer, or you are interested in becoming one, you can reap all the benefits that are associated with Friendly WiFi for a small annual fee. We block all websites on the IWF block list and we make a constant effort to remove inappropriate content, which is why we also offer a content filtering feature with our WiFi solution.

As our customer, you will be able to display the Friendly WiFi logo at your venue, which will in turn attract more people to your business and show that you are a responsible company. You will also be featured on the Friendly WiFi UK search locater at This can work as an additional marketing platform for your business, as people will use the search feature to find responsible WiFi providers in their local area.

Helping people to make informed decisions when selecting a WiFi hotspot

Friendly WiFi was introduced in 2014 as a result of government demand. It is a scheme that helps children, young adults, and parents make responsible and informed decisions when choosing a WiFi hotspot. RDI (UK) Holdings launched the scheme in collaboration with the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS).

Approved providers are allowed to display the colourful and instantly recognisable ‘Friendly WiFi’ symbol at their venue, showing everyone that their WiFi network is safe and that all inappropriate websites have been blocked. This includes all sites that are featured on the Internet Watch Foundation’s (IWF) block list. It also means that the company does everything in their power to block out indecent images containing children, including pornography.

There are more than 2,000 venues that are part of the scheme, and Retail Secure is proud to be one of them. Other approved venues include the likes of Ikea, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and Starbucks. Of course, all businesses need to meet stringent requirements in order to be approved. If the venue is approved, they will sign a trade license agreement.