Our connectivity partners include ...


Retail Secure provide world class connectivity solutions, which can easily be adapted to suit your business’s requirements, whether you want to take advantage of our guest Wi-Fi service or you are simply looking for a way to enhance productivity.

We have carefully hand-selected a number of the largest established providers and combined this with our resilient yet flexible infrastructure to deliver leading connectivity solutions. You can be sure of cutting edge technology and complete compliance when investing in any of our services.

Connectivity Services We Provide:
  • Business Line Rental
  • Business Broadband
  • Leased Lines
  • Mobile Voice and Data SIMs
Some of our Mobile SIMs options:
  • Unlimited UK minutes and SMS (any of the below data packages can be added)
  • Unlimited UK and EU minutes and SMS (any of the below data packages can be added)
  • Low User - 500 minutes, 500 SMS, 500MB UK Data
  • 2GB Data Only
  • 5GB Data Only
  • 10GB Data Only
  • 20GB Data Only
  • 40GB Data Only
  • 100GB Data Only

Here at Retail Secure we certainly do not operate via a one-size-fits-all approach; we get to know your business and your needs, and we deliver a solution that is based on this and best fits your requirements, while also ensuring our core values of reliability, security, quality and speed are present no matter what.  Want to know more?  Contact Us today!

Despite this, our prices are competitive, as we recognise how important it is for businesses be connected at an affordable rate. However, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality, which is exactly what our offering is all about. It can easily be integrated with RetailCompli as well, for ultimate cyber and network security.

Other benefits of choosing our connectivity package include unlimited usage and exceptional performance and speed thanks to the latest ADSL and fibre technologies. Our flexible yet resilient infrastructure ensures ultimate reliability while also giving you the platform to grow, meaning our service will never hold you back.

You will also benefit from managed installation services and support afterwards, as well as 3G back-up, ensuring you never have to worry about being offline for an extended period of time, which can, of course, have a negative impact on productivity and consequently profit levels. Instead, you will reach optimal efficiency and productivity with Retail Secure, allowing your business to make money.

If you would like to discover more about the connectivity solutions we have available, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, head to the Complaint Guest Wi-Fi page to discover more about this service, which you can experience alongside our leading connectivity package.

Please Contact Us for further information and pricing.