Legally compliant guest wi-fi

There are many benefits to gain by embracing guest Wi-Fi in the healthcare industry. If there is one thing customers hate when they are picking up a prescription or seeing a doctor it is waiting, but, unfortunately, this often cannot be avoided. However, you can keep everyone satisfied by offering free Wi-Fi so they can surf the web while they wait. Aside from this, you can send push notifications, letting patients know the nurse will be around in a couple of minutes for example. It’s a good way to offer patient education as well.

You will also be able to gather valuable information about your customers when they are on your premises and you can use this for target specific demographics, which will enhance your marketing campaigns by a significant degree because you can be sure that the information you are providing the individual in question is relevant, useful and appealing to them. Whether you are advertising certain products or treatments, encouraging people to sign up for a specific event, or running any other campaign, this will be extremely beneficial.

At Retail Secure, our Complaint Guest Wi-Fi solution goes above and beyond what you will experience elsewhere. You will benefit from an easy-to-use central dashboard, where you will view all your collected data, giving you real-time information on your users. You can then use this to filter your content effectively to increase its value to your customers. Not only this, but we have designed our solution so that it is fully compliant with the Data Protection Acts and the Digital Economy Act, and all of our equipment is certified too. If you have any further questions or would like to add this onto your RetailCompli package, please do not hesitate to Contact Us