Improve Customer Satisfaction and Profits

Guest Wi-Fi is a must-have solution for all museums. This is the type of service that can transform your business by attracting more customers, increasing loyalty, and boosting profit levels. You will give your museum a competitive edge while also ensuring that your visitors have a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience. They will be able to get much more from their day at your museum, as you will be able to send them special offers and they can search for additional information on their smartphone while they are exploring. After all, more often than not a museum can open up a whole host of questions in a person’s mind, and they want instant answers, which public Wi-Fi provides. And, when you choose the Retail Secure Legally Compliant Guest Wi-Fi solution, you can expect a lot more than this. We will also send you real-time insights about all of your connected customers. This is managed via one easy central interface. This gives you the ability to target your special offers and promotions more effectively so that you can increase the chances of making more sales. You can send deals to entice customers to come back or to refer their friends or family members. You may even want to send special offers for your café or discounts for our shop, encouraging customers to visit it while at your museum. The options are endless.

Benefits of our guest Wi-Fi solution:

  • Content Filtering - You can protect your business from any legal headache by attempting to block all sites that are deemed inappropriate using our content filtering feature.
  • Legally Compliant - Our system complies with the Digital Economy Act and Data Protection Acts, ensuring you are covered by legal disclaimer obligations.
  • Certified Equipment - We deliver our solution over hardware that has been certified for commercial use. This gives you the peace of mind of ultimate reliability.
  • Remote Monitoring - All Guest Wi-Fi hotspots are remotely monitored at Retail Secure. You will have a real-time dashboard for instant data on all of your users.

As security experts, we take this aspect of our solution very seriously. There are a lot of businesses that are providing public Wi-Fi and putting their business at risk without realising it. You can be confident that this will not happen when you choose us. Our solution is fully compliant with all applicable legislation, including the Digital Economy Act and the Data Protection Acts. It also comes with a content filtering feature so that all inappropriate content can be blocked. Delivered over certified hardware, our Guest Wi-Fi service has a reputation for being incredibly reliable. You won’t be disappointed when you choose us. To discover more, or to get started, Contact Us today!