A Great Way to Boost Profits

Our Legally Compliant Guest Wi-Fi solution provides your hair dressing business with the perfect platform to increase customer satisfaction, attract new clients, and, ultimately, make more money. This is not a standard Wi-Fi solution; we go one step further to make sure you are maximising the opportunities that are available to you.

Guest Wi-Fi is something more and more customers are demanding nowadays, and this presents you with a great opportunity. If there is one thing people hate, it is waiting. But, you can make sure your customers are kept busy while having their hair blow-dried or waiting for their appointment. It is also ideal for any clients that bring their children with them. This increases customer satisfaction significantly, but that is not all.

Unique marketing opportunities

It also presents you with a unique marketing opportunity. You can encourage customers to check-in at your hair salon on Facebook or share a photo of their new hairstyle on Twitter, and thus they will be doing a bit of advertising for you. Moreover, we will provide you with a customised landing page and valuable real-time data that will help you boost sales significantly. We will send you insights about your connected customers, and you can use this to send targeted marketing messages, such as special offers and notifications of new haircare products. This is one of the best ways to secure repeat business, and with our data you can ensure you are maximising the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Fully compliant with all applicable legislation

One of the biggest problems we have noticed is that businesses are offering guest Wi-Fi with little consideration for their legal obligations. Our service is fully complaint with the Digital Economy Act and the Data Protection Acts, ensuring complete peace of mind. You can be sure you will never face a hefty bill for failing to fall in line with the law. If that was not enough, our Legally Compliant Guest Wi-Fi is delivered over certified equipment and we offer a content filtering feature, which ensures all undesirable content is blocked from your customers’ viewing.


  • Remote monitoring - All of our guest Wi-Fi hotspots are remotely monitored and instant data about customers is supplied via our real-time dashboard.
  • Content filtering - Make sure that no inappropriate content is viewable with our content filtering feature.
  • Legally compliant - Our solution is compliant with the Data Protection Acts and Digital Economy Act.
  • Certified equipment - We only use certified hardware, thus you can be confident of a reliable service.