Legally compliant guest wi-fi

Wi-Fi is now a must-have for all schools, colleges and universities, and with our Compliant Guest Wi-Fi you have the ideal solution. Firstly, you have to consider how much this will enhance the students’ learning. The face of education has now changed, with technology playing a prominent role, and without Wi-Fi access you are restricting an entire generation of technology from being used in the classroom. It helps students to learn, as they can gain access to academic information, which makes their experience more fruitful, ensuring better results. Everyone learns differently and Wi-Fi access facilitates this to a degree, giving students the opportunity to find the information they need.

It’s not only about the academic side, as Wi-Fi can enhance convenience and help students to settle in when going to college or university. They will be able to get their university schedules at their fingertips, while they can also connect with other students via social media. You can also market your education institution effectively as well through our Compliant Guest Wi-Fi solution, as you will be able to gather valuable data about your users, which you can then use to target your marketing efforts effectively. You may want to advertise student union offers, university events and seminars, discounts in the university library or bookstore and the like. You can also make special announcements.

Compliant Guest Wi-Fi is a powerful tool, which will help you to enhance your brand on your premises, online and through social media channels. The central dashboard is easy to use with data presented in a straightforward manner and there are plenty of innovative features for you to make the most of. Our system has also been designed with full compliance in mind, and all of our equipment is certified. If you have any questions about this cost effective solution, or ready to get started - Contact Us today!