Targeted Marketing Made Easy

Free Wi-fi for your customers

If you would like to attract new customers, enhance loyalty and increase your profit levels, Compliant Guest Wi-Fi from Retail Secure is the ideal choice. There are many benefits to be gained by offering free Wi-Fi to your customers. This will keep your clients busy while they are waiting for their appointment or even while you are cutting their hair. It increases customer satisfaction and is assured to entice more people to want to use your barber shop.

Real-time data

Collect real-time data and use it to target your marketing messages.

One of the great things about guest Wi-Fi is the fact that you will be able to collate insightful data about your clients, which you can then use to target your marketing efforts effectively. You will be able to push new hair offers. This is one of the best ways to secure repeat business, which is of paramount importance for barbers. By offering voucher codes and special offers to your cusomter through guest Wi-Fi, you can guarantee that they will be visiting your salon again.

Fully Compliant

A fully compliant solution delivered over certified equipment.

Retail Secure can help you benefit from real customer insight and improve your digital marketing strategy. Our Compliant Guest Wi-Fi is a leading solution, allowing you to gather valuable data and use it to filter content and tweak your marketing campaign. Nevertheless, the benefits extend a lot further than this, as all of our equipment is certified, and we have designed our Wi-Fi system to be fully compliant with the Data Protection Acts and the Digital Economy Act. Thus, not only will you be able to make the most of new customers and repeat business, but also you can ensure your business is compliant and does not fact any hefty fines. Get in touch today to discover more and to benefit from a free, no-obligation quote.


  • Certified Equipment - We always install Compliant Guest Wi-Fi hardware that is certified for commercial use, ensuring we provide your customers with the most reliable service possible.
  • Legally Compliant - We have designed our system to be fully compliant with both the Digital Economy Act and Data Protection Acts, which means you are covered by legal disclaimer obligations.
  • Content Filtering - We use content filtering in order to prevent undesirable content being shown to your customers, giving you peace of mind that everything is under control.
  • Remote Monitoring - We remotely monitor all of our Guest Wi-Fi hotspots and provide you with a real-time dashboard to allow you up to the minute information on your users.