Take the Retail Secure quiz below to discover whether your business is PCI compliant.

A lot of businesses are failing to adhere to the PCI DSS without even realising it, and this can result in monumental fines and reputational damage. By taking our quiz, you will discover whether you are compliant. If you’re not, we will point out where you’re going wrong so you can tighten your security practises before it is too late.

  • Do you segregate payment traffic from all other traffic on the network?

    Question: 1/10
  • Do you use default passwords that have been supplied from your vendor?

    Question: 2/10
  • Do you user additional means of protection, such as encryption or cryptography? Or, are passwords you're only form of security?

    Question: 3/10
  • Do you have personal firewall software installed on all employee-owned devices and mobiles?

    Question: 4/10
  • Do you document all security procedures and policies?

    Question: 5/10
  • Do you use e-mail or instant messaging to send unprotected PANs?

    Question: 6/10
  • Do all of those with access to cardholder data have a unique ID?

    Question: 7/10
  • Have you got audit trails in place?

    Question: 8/10
  • Do you use time synchronisation?

    Question: 9/10
  • How long do you maintain audit trail history for?

    Question: 10/10