Reduce the chance of a data breach, fraud losses and non-compliance fines, and protect the future of your business with RetailCompli. This is a leading cloud-based cyber and network security solution, offering many unique and effective features, from LAN segregation to firewall protection.


Our Connectivity packages offer world-class connectivity via a resilient yet flexible infrastructure. Our solutions can easily be adapted to suit your business’s requirements, giving you the perfect platform to enhance productivity and grow. Key features include unlimited usage and 3G back-up.

Compliant Guest Wi-Fi

Our guest Wi-Fi solution is not only legally compliant, but it presents a unique opportunity for all businesses. You’ll be able to gain real-time insight into your customers, which will help you to devise a more powerful and effective marketing campaign that delivers real results.

Hosted Voice Exchange (HVX)

Our next-generation fully hosted and managed telephony service gives your business the platform to grow. You will be able to reduce costs while improving efficiency, control and flexibility, and you can easily scale this service to suit your requirements now and in the future.

Hosted Desktop Service (HDS)

Simplify your IT commitments and save money with our leading Hosted Desktop Service. All your IT needs are provided at a click of button, no matter where in the world you are, allowing you to reduce business expenditure, improve mobility, and enhance security.