Retail Secure offer a revolutionary, next-generation Hosted Voice Exchange (HVX) service. For those who are unaware, this is a telephone system that resides in the cloud, as opposed to in your office. This is an affordable solution that is suited to a wide range of organisations, and can take your business to the next level without any hardware being installed on site. 

There are many benefits your business can reap by switching to cloud telephony, and if you don’t make the switch soon, you could easily get left behind. Research indicates that the Hosted VoIP market grew by 17.49 per cent at the start of last year.

Fully hosted and managed cloud VoIP is easy to use; users require a softphone or a standard IP handset to access the system. Calls are then received and made over a broadband connection. This means that there are no costly upgrades or maintenance required.

Hosted telephony gives your business the platform to grow, by enabling your employees to be more productive and your business to be more efficient. All of your communications can be managed with ease, across numerous sites and countries, right down to individual user level via a simple interface. What can our HVX solution do for your business? We have worked alongside first-rate suppliers for several years to develop this resilient hosted telephony solution, which improves efficiency, flexibility and control while minimising capital expenditure, operations and maintenance costs. Take a look at the benefits in further detail below:

  • Reduced Capital Expenditure – You are able to reduce costs by consolidating all telephony onto a single managed platform from Retail Secure. You will also dramatically reduce the amount of money that is spent on call costs, and you will make savings in regards to line rental costs.

  • Feature Rich – From email facilities and night service to automated attendant and voice mail, our HVS boasts a whole host of beneficial features.

  • Call management and reporting – Use a simple web interface to configure and manage your telephone system. This means you can access it from any location at any time. You can use real-time statistic to get access to detailed performance information.

  • BYOD and enterprise mobility – Hosted Voice Exchange facilitates BYOD policies, and it enables enterprise mobility, which means your workers are supported no matter where they are.

  • Optimum Control – The user portal provides businesses with unrivalled control, both in regards to individual use and the phone system as a whole. There is a wide range of features for group administrators and/or individual users to make the most of, which ensures that you have full control over everything from any Internet-enabled device.

  • Disaster Recovery – Improve business continuity planning and disaster recovery by hosting your phone system in the cloud. As your phone system is off premise, it is easier to implement a robust plan. Operations can continue, as phone calls can be re-routed.

  • Resilience – Our HVX solution is one of the most reliable on the market. If an emergency does occur, you can be assured of business continuity, as we will automatically re-route all calls.

  • Maximum Flexibility – Our solution is fully scalable, meaning you can increase/decrease communications capacity as and when you need to. As dynamics change, our solution is able to adapt. Flexibility is also assured via the array of beneficial features we have available for you to utilise.

  • Improve Efficiency – You can reduce the amount of time and effort spent on communications, as telephony will be integrated within a virtual infrastructure, which results in efficient central management. Efficiency is also improved because you will be able to see the status of telephone users in real-time.

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs – Central management and improved efficiency levels will lead to a reduction in maintenance costs, as you only have one single-managed platform to fund

  • Portability – If your business relocates, you can retain any existing phone numbers while also being able to add further numbers at any time.

Take your business to the next level with Retail Secure’s Hosted Voice Exchange Service. You will instantly feel the benefits, including improved efficiency, control, resilience and flexibility while costs can be minimised. If you have any further questions about this product, or would like to discover more about what we can do for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.