Ways to use free Wi-Fi to boost your business

More and more customers are expecting free Wi-Fi when visiting the likes of coffee shops, hair salons, retail stores, hotels, and such like. This is a great way of attracting more customers to your venue. However, there are various different ways you can use guest Wi-Fi to boost your business. Keeping that in mind, read on to discover some top tips all businesses with legally compliant guest Wi-Fi can make the most of.


Customise the landing page – One of the best ways to brand your business to full effect is to customise the landing page. This is easy yet effective. You can include your business’s logo and anything else you deem relevant in order to boost your brand image, such as current offers and information about your business. This will have a massive impact, as it will hit people as soon as they connect to your guest Wi-Fi.

Customer analytics – This is one of the most powerful benefits you will experience by investing in guest Wi-Fi. When you choose a reputable supplier, you are able to receive real-time customer insights, which will give you a unique insight into your customers and their behaviour. You will get a much better idea of the type of people you are marketing to, and you will be able to use this to target your messages much more effectively. You can ensure the right deals and promotions are being sent to the right people. This will give you an edge over the competition, and as you procure more and more useful data, your marketing campaign will only get stronger.

Encourage sharing – You can encourage your customers to share your posts on social media websites through free Wi-Fi. In fact, some companies make their customers do this in order to gain access to their free Wi-Fi. No matter what approach you adopt, the sharing technique is extremely powerful, as for every person that shares your status, they are then advertising your business to all of their connections.

Boost your social media presence – You are advised to use guest Wi-Fi to boost your social media presence. A lot of companies require their customers to either follow their Twitter page or like their Facebook page in order to gain access to the free Wi-Fi network. Not only this, but you can give your customers the option to login via Facebook as well. Of course, this is beneficial because you are going to have more followers, but you also benefit from free advertising in a sense too, as Facebook reveals when someone has liked a new page.

As you can see, free Wi-Fi offers a lot more than simply keeping your customers happy; it is a powerful marketing tool as well. The four tips mentioned in this post provide you with some basic branding and advertising techniques to get started. However, once you have legally compliant guest Wi-Fi installed you will find that the potential is monumental.