Study shows that retail consumers want free WiFi

Have you been debating whether to invest in guest WiFi at your store? A recent study by YouGov has shown that this is something that should not even be up for debate. The ‘Innovations in Retailing 2015’ report has revealed that customers want to have free WiFi in stores as a standard. Read on to discover more about the findings of the study and details on how customer WiFi will benefit your store.

Innovations in Retailing 2015 report findings

The report concluded that 35 per cent of customers would like free WiFi to be offered as a standard when visiting a retail store. They would rather see this than barcodes that can be scanned to give customers information on products, which only 19 per cent of respondents expressed a desire for. It is also more popular than staff equipped with tablets so they can assist customers with purchases in-store (21 per cent). Just to highlight how dominant customer WiFi has become, it is only five per cent behind self-service checkouts in the most wanted innovations in the retail sector.

Perhaps the most compelling finding of them all is that customers labelled free in-store WiFi as the technology that would be most likely to encourage them to choose one retailer over another. Therefore, by offering free WiFi to your customers, you can gain a clear advantage over your competition.

In addition to this, respondents to the survey seemed keen on using connected devices while shopping to enhance the experience. 23 per cent of those surveyed said that they have used a device to compare prices while shopping. This figure is greatest for 25-29 year olds (33 per cent), while 30 per cent of 16 to 24 year olds said they have done this.

Enhancing your retail store

The demand for free WiFi is evident, and there are many benefits your store can reap the rewards of by going for this approach. Of course, you will attract more people to your business, but the benefits extend beyond this. Do you know that you can also collect data about all of your customers in order to offer a better shopping experience and improve your targeted marketing campaign?

Whenever a customer connects to your WiFi network, you will instantly receive data about them. You can use this information to send targeted notifications to your consumers. This could be anything from special offers, to voucher codes, to information about new stock. You can use this to encourage your customers to spend more now or to lock in business in the future. To discover more about this, as well as the other features our retail guest WiFi service provides, simply click here.