Why guest Wi-Fi is recommended for barber shops and hair salons

Free Wi-Fi is something we are increasingly noticing in cafes, restaurants, bars, and hotels. But, the truth is it has a place across a wide assortment of businesses, from museums, to retail stores, to barber shops and hair salons. In this post, we are going to address the latter. Read on to discover the reasons why guest Wi-Fi comes highly recommended for barber shops and hair salons.

There is plenty of research to suggest that guest Wi-Fi will become commonplace in businesses over the next few years, and the last thing you want to do is get left behind the competition. If you act now, you can gain a competitive advantage and attract new customers to your barber shop or hair salon.

You may think offering free Wi-Fi is not enough to attract new consumers to your business, but you would be mistaken. When you consider the fact that people would rather leave the home without their wallet than their phone, you see how important this has become. Plus, research indicates that a large portion of people consider whether a business has guest W-Fi before they make their decision regarding whether to use their services.

But, why is guest Wi-Fi valuable for hair salons and barber shops in particular? There are various reasons. Firstly, just think about how useful this will be for your customers while they are in-store. They can browse their Facebook or play a game while they are waiting for their hair appointment. This is ideal for those moments when you are running a bit behind schedule. They could even look for hair styles so they get some inspiration for their appointment.

A lot of people also bring their children with them to appointments, and this is a good way to keep them busy. All this works toward building a loyal consumer base, and this is especially beneficial in this industry where repeat business is paramount.

The benefits do not end there either. Guest Wi-Fi presents you with many marketing opportunities. You will be able to get real-time data about all of your clients. This gives you the platform to understand your customers better. You will thus be able to target your marketing campaigns more effectively. You can send special offers and voucher codes to increase the chances of your customers buying any of your haircare products or booking a repeat appointment.

You can also customise the landing page to brand your business more effectively. You can include your business’s logo and any marketing messages to entice customers. Offering social log in is another way to enhance convenience for your clients and you can encourage them to check-in at your barber shop or hair salon so that they are effectively advertising for you.

Don’t be the business to regret not taking action sooner. Investing in guest Wi-Fi can give your business a competitive edge in the hair industry. It will help you to attract new customers while also strengthening the relationship with existing ones, and all this works towards improving profit levels.