Best practises for anyone offering free Wi-Fi at their business

There are many benefits to gain by offering free Wi-Fi at your business. Firstly, this is something an increasing number of customers are demanding, and thus you will be able to gain a competitive edge by investing in guest Wi-Fi now. Leave it any longer, and you will find yourself falling behind the competition. Not only will you attract new customers and increase customer retention levels, but also you can get a better understanding of your consumers, and you can increase your profit levels too. But, you will only do this if you know how to make the most of your guest Wi-Fi solution. So, continue reading to discover the practises you need to follow.

Customise your landing page

Your landing page is the digital equivalent of your shop window. It presents you with the opportunity to make an initial impression on the consumer. Therefore, you need to use it to brand your business to full effect. You should include your company’s logo, as well as anything else you feel is going to be compelling, for example, information about your business or a voucher code for all connected customers to take advantage of.

Cater to your customers needs

Offering free Wi-Fi is one thing, but you need to make sure that it is of a high quality; that is reliable, convenient, and fast. This is even more important in the likes of libraries, cafes, coffee shops, and anywhere else where people will bring bigger devices, such as laptops, to do work. Even still, speed is vital no matter what type of business you run. Let’s say you own a clothes store – no one wants to have to wait ten minutes to send a picture of themselves while trying something on in the changing room to see what their friends think!

Provide social login

Giving customers the opportunity to connect to the Internet via their Facebook or Twitter account is advised. Most people have a social media account already connected to their smartphone. So, if you allow them to login in this manner, you are enhancing convenience by a significant degree and making it easier for them to connect to your Wi-Fi. This enhances the experience, and you can also encourage them to like your Facebook page or follow your Twitter account.

Extract insightful data

You are able to gain valuable insights about your connected customers when you have Guest Wi-Fi in place, and this is something you simply must take advantage of. You can use the information to target your campaign more effectively, sending special offers and notifications that are most likely to appeal to the person in question so you can increase your chances of making a sale.

Make it known

Let people that walk past your business know that you offer free Wi-Fi inside. A large proportion of people now consider whether a business provides guest Wi-Fi or not when they choose where to shop or grab a bite to eat. This is a great way of attracting more people inside of your venue.