Education Data Breaches

Data breaches are a disaster for any organisation; from small cafes to multinational businesses, and thus adequate measures to secure payment data and customer information is vital to maintain customers confidence. While most reports in the mainstream media will focus on the large-scale theft of card and payment information, the more recent cases such as data breaches of Sony and Ashley Madison served to highlight the terrible personal and professional consequences that the breach of data can produce.

Educational establishments are commonly overlooked when it comes to network and payment security. However, look a little deeper and you can see that in recent years there have been several examples of high profile universities and other educational groups being exposed to data threats. Modern educational establishments are complex entities, with multiple payments sites and have almost universal access to Wi-Fi networks; this highly integrated network could be a gold mine to would-be data fraudsters. In addition, the large numbers of staff means that maintaining proper training can be a serious burden, making errors more probable. Examples reported this month include the University of Boston where breach lead to personal medical records being compromised. In the EU, such exposure could result in hefty fines and criminal prosecutions for those responsible.

For universities, collages and other educational institutions, a data breach could have profound consequences, potentially even greater than for other businesses - due to the nature of the data held by these institutions. This includes student personal data, including highly sensitive information, such as medical details and information on personal disability. Universities are also required by many collaborators and funding bodies to maintain data from research activities, along with confidential information from clients an other third parties, the majority of which is potentially highly valuable or intellectually sensitive. Therefore, proper security and staff training is key to ensuring the safety of data help on such networks.

Fortunately, Retail Secure can help. We offer an effective and affordable cyber and network security solutions for education establishments to take advantage of: RetailCompli. This is our simplified cloud-based management solution that will provide your establishment with the level of protection it requires. We do this through an array of different features, including LAN segregation. This involves separating all sensitive and confidential information from other traffic, which restricts access. This reduces the risk of education data breaches by a significant degree while also ensuring you do not fall victim to any non-compliance fines. From our in-built firewall to 24/7 support, there are many other ways we provide you with the high level of protection you require. Our solution is effective yet easy to implement, meaning there is no costly set-up and you won’t require any technical know-how either. Don’t put your organisation, employees and students at risk, contact us today.