Cyber Security: Why Would Hackers Target My Small Business?

It is easy to simply assume that cyber criminals are not going to be interested in your business. After all, you keep a low profile, your company is relatively small, and you’re not involved in anything relating to national defence or the financial services industry, so you don’t need to be concerned with cyber security, right? Think again! In fact, you could just be the sort of target a hacker is looking for, and in this post we will reveal the reasons why.


Over the past decade or so, cyber attacks have changed rapidly. Rewind the clock, and your view would be feasible, as most attacks were conducted by lone wolves who went after government organisations or high-profile companies with their sights set on destruction more than anything. This has all changed. There are more cyber criminals than ever before, and cyber attacks are increasing by the day. This is because motives have changed. Of course, there are still those that want to disrupt organisations and businesses, but most hackers are interested in making money, and they can do this by stealing your data.

Today, these lone wolves have come together into syndicates, and they are developing intelligent and sophisticated techniques for exploiting an organisation’s system. From crippling a company to simply making money, there are many different reasons why they are hacking into businesses. And now there is a massive market for any type of confidential data, such as bank details, passwords, log-ins, medical records and such like. But, you still may be wondering why these hackers are interested in your business. After all, surely there is more confidential data to extract from a large company?

Cyber criminals view smaller businesses as an easier hack

While this is true, it is generally more difficult for hackers to exploit the security systems of big corporations. Large companies have the resources to invest in elaborate security systems and experienced security personnel. Unfortunately, most small businesses do not have this, and hackers recognise this, which is why they view small companies as an easier hack. Thus, while they may not be able to get their hands on as many records, they will be able to get into your system with ease and make a tidy sum on the data they extract, and then they will move to another small business and do the same thing.

This is the most obvious reason why your business is at risk. However, there are other motives for hacking into a small company. You could be at risk because of the third parties you work with. Nowadays, you need to carry out a full audit of the data protection strategies deployed by any potential partners to ensure you are not attacked through your association with them. Aside from this, hackers could be more interested in your employees as opposed to your business records. This is especially the case if your employees are particularly wealthy. Hackers will want to exploit your system so they can gain access to your employees’ log-ins, passwords and card details.

Invest in cyber security today

To conclude, no business is immune from the threat of a data breach, and you certainly don’t want to find out the hard way. So, take the steps to protect your business today. Discover more about our effective cyber security solution to get started.