Common mistakes companies make after a data breach

Of course, the main aim is always to ensure that a data breach does not occur. Nevertheless, you do also need to prepare for the fact that it might happen, irrespective of how good your security systems are. After all, acting quickly is one of the most pivotal factors when it comes to damage limitation of a data breach. With that being said, continue reading to discover some of the most common mistakes companies make after a data breach.


Lack of clear communication – There is only one place to begin, and this is with communication. After a breach has occurred, it is important to have clear communication, and this relates to having a leader who can make key decisions and delegate tasks. In fact, miscommunication is one of the main reasons for the mishandling of a data breach, as it adds to confusion and delays the process even further.

Not providing assistance for consumers – Another error is failing to provide assistance for consumers. A lot of business owners are so concerned with internal matters that they neglect to assist their consumers. What you need to consider is that they could be hugely impacted by your data breach. Trust will already be damaged, and you are going to make the situation much worse if you do not set up a call centre where customers can get in touch and ask questions. You should also offer credit monitoring if their information has been compromised.

Trying to handle everything in-house – Sometimes it is better to accept that you are out of your depth. After all, if you could not stop the breach from occurring in the first place, it is a sign that it would be better to use the services of a professional incident response team. They will be able to put a plan into action as quickly as possible to ensure the issue is minimised and steps are put into place for business continuity.

Failing to act with full transparency – This is something that TalkTalk was accused of, as a data breach that occurred in 2014 was only revealed in 2015, and more details seemed to be unearthed as the days went by. The best thing to do is answer every question thrown to you honestly, and apologise for what has happened. If you try to cover anything up, you will only get found out later down the line, and this will undoubtedly make things worse.

Waiting for the perfect information before doing anything – Quite frankly, you don’t have any time to wait. Of course, you are going to have people that are trying to get to the bottom of it by discovering who accessed your system and how. Nevertheless, you need to start managing the incident from the moment you learn of the intrusion.