Why you should provide guest WiFi at your chiropractic clinic

Guest WiFi is something that more and more customers demand nowadays. However, there are a lot of us that assume this is a service that is only suited to the likes of hotels, cafes, and bars. It’s understandable why you’d think this way, after all, a lot of people stay at hotels on business trips and it’s not uncommon for people to take their laptop along with them when they go for a coffee at their local café. Nevertheless, the benefits of customer WiFi extend a lot further than you may realise. This is something that could do wonders for your chiropractic clinic. Read on to discover more.


  • Improve customer satisfaction – One of the key benefits associated with free WiFi provision is the fact that you will increase customer satisfaction considerably. You know what it is like when appointments run behind schedule and customers get frustrated. There is nothing you can do about it, but this doesn’t stop your clients from feeling disgruntled. With guest WiFi, you boost satisfaction because you give your customers something to do while they wait. This shows that you value their time.
  • Send targeted marketing messages – The best customer WiFi solutions give you an amazing insight into your clients. You will receive real-time data about all of your connected customers. You can then use this to send instant push notifications and marketing messages. You could, for example, give them a discount off their next visit or you could reward them for referring a friend. This is a great way to ensure repeat business and to encourage customer loyalty.
  • Attract more clients – The sheer fact that you provide guest WiFi is something that can make new customers choose your business over other chiropractic clinics in the area. There is plenty of research to back up the fact that WiFi has an influence on the mind of the consumer.
  • Add value to the service you provide – You cannot only use the customer analytics to improve target marketing, but you can also use them to add value to the service you provide. For example, you could send useful information suited to each patient, including tips on managing their condition at home and other general pieces of information that will be useful to them.
  • Brand your chiropractic clinic more effectively – Last but not least, guest WiFi also represents an excellent way for you to brand your business to full effect. There are many different features you can make the most of, including a customised landing page. The landing page is the page your clients will see when they go to log in to your network. It’s like a digital shop window, so you want to make sure you make a good impression. There are various ways you can do this. You should always include your logo, as well as any other compelling marketing messages.