Wi-Fi for Business

Wi-Fi for Business - Why You Need It

WiFi for businesses is growing in popularity. This is a service you need to take advantage of if your business is to stand out from the crowd. By offering guest WiFi, you are assured to attract more people to your venue, and you can maximise your profit levels too. Not only will you encourage people to stay longer and thus spend more, but you will receive real-time data about all of your connected customers, which can be used to target promotions and marketing messages more effectively. With that being said, read on for some top tips on using this service to full effect.

Customised Landing Pages For Businesses Offering Customer WiFi

If you provide customer WiFi at your business, you need to make sure you use it to full effect. There are many different ways you can use this platform to market your business and boost profit levels. Firstly, you should ensure that your landing page is customised. This is the equivalent to your digital store window. This is the first chance you get to make an impression on your customers and thus you need to ensure that it is a good one. There are various tactics you can use to develop the perfect customised landing page for your guest WiFi network. Firstly, you should make sure you include your company’s logo so that you reinforce your brand image. Aside from this, you should incorporate anything that you believe is going to be compelling, make your business memorable, and increase profits. For example, you could post about an upcoming event or you could offer a discount code for people to use when purchasing from your business. You can tweak the landing page as time goes on to ensure that it is relevant and contains to catch the eye.

Choose Public WiFi Providers Offering Real-Time Customer Data

There are many public WiFi providers for you to choose from, and when you are looking for the best company to provide WiFi for businesses, you need to ensure that they provide real-time customer analytics as part of their service. This is something that can really transform and boost your business. Whenever your customers connect to your website, you will receive instant data about them via one single interface. You can then use this to tweak your marketing campaign and to send them promotions that you know are going to have the most chance of being effective. Instant marketing messages can include voucher codes for repeat visits, discounts for them to use then and there, and so on and so forth. For businesses such as healthcare clinics, you could use this information to send the person tailored advice and tips via their mobile phone. For universities, you could send notifications about student union events and such like to give students the ability to integrate with ease. The possibilities are endless, but with more information about your customers, you are guaranteed to boost the service that you provide to them.

More Practices To Use When Providing Free WiFi At Your Business

This merely scratches the surface of the different ways you can use free WiFi to boost your business. You can also offer your customers social log-in. This gives them the ability to log in to your guest WiFi network using Twitter or Facebook. This is extremely convenient, which enhances their experience. You can also encourage them to follow you on Twitter or like your Facebook page. Aside from this, you should make sure that it is known that you provide free WiFi at your business; for example, you can place a poster in the window of your store. This will make people more inclined to come inside of your business when they are passing by. You also need to make sure that you choose a good company that provides WiFi for businesses. After all, the network needs to be fast and reliable. You won’t enhance your brand image if you provide slow and poor quality WiFi for your customers. Thus, it is vital to make sure you do not cut corners. Read reviews that have been left by others to be confident of a high quality service.

Ensure A Backdrop Of Compliance When Providing Guest WiFi

Now you know about some of the most important practices to use when it comes to guest WiFi, but one of the most crucial things is to ensure that you go for a legally compliant WiFi solution. Worryingly, there are so many businesses that are currently providing WiFi for their customers with little thought for compliance. However, there are several regulations in place that must be followed, including the Data Retention Regulations, Digital Economy Act, and the Data Protection Acts. In regards to the former, you need to retain data for a minimum of 12 months and it needs to be traceable. The Digital Economy Act deals with how you handle copyright infringement; you must make an effort to prevent this and ensure that any guilty party can be traced. Finally, the Data Protection Act deals with how you handle any data in your possession. You need to secure it, and you need to provide an individual with the data you hold about them if they request it. If you fail to adhere to these laws, you could find yourself facing massive fines. The best thing to do is choose a 100 per cent compliant guest WiFi solution, such as the one provided by Retail Secure.

Exceptional WiFi For Businesses From Retail Secure

Retail Secure leads the way when it comes to WiFi for businesses. Our solution offers huge marketing potential and it is fully compliant, giving you complete peace of mind. We also provide a network security solution, RetailCompli, which is designed to protect customers from the growing threat of data breaches. You can discover more about both solutions by heading to our website – www.retailsecure.co.uk. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch on +44 (0) 333 320 8848 or send an email to enquiries@retailsecure.co.uk.