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Leading Network Security

We have been working in the payments and communications industry for more than 25 years. We have an extensive amount of experience in providing managed network solutions for a wide range of clients, ranging from telecommunications companies to banks. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands when choosing our service.

Our aim is to provide simple, cost effective security solutions to SMBs while ensuring all our clients achieve both PCI DSS and Guest Wi-Fi compliance. The threat of a data breach is increasing by the day, and small businesses are becoming an easy choice for cyber criminals, as they don’t have the resources large companies do to invest in sophisticated security solutions and personnel. That is where we come in – we make cyber security easy, cost efficient and, most importantly, effective. Head to our RetailCompli page to discover more about our innovative, industry-leading solution.

Could you really come back from a data breach? Not only does this cost businesses tons of money in terms of fraud losses and non-compliance fines, but the reputation damage is something more companies struggle to come back from. Protect the longevity of your business with Retail Secure; we will give you the platform to excel by ensuring your network is secure and all payment information is isolated from other traffic, so that cyber criminals cannot get their hands on it.

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What to expect ...

Compliance is assured with all of our solutions. Our cyber security service, RetailCompli, ensures PCI Compliance while our Guest WiFi solution adheres to all applicable legislation, including the Data Protection Acts and Digital Economy Acts.
You can expect to make a significant return on investment with our Legally Compliant Guest WiFi solution. Not only does WiFi attract more customers and encourage them to stay in your venue for longer and spend more, but we offer numerous marketing options, such as customised landing pages.
We are dedicated to providing an excellent support service for our customers, from the moment they get in touch to after the products have been installed. We are always available to answer any calls and our services are monitored 24/7 to ensure quality and effectiveness.

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