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Protect your business from the growing threat of a data breach with RetailCompli.

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Welcome to Retail Secure

We have been working in the payments and communications industry for more than 25 years. We have an extensive amount of experience in providing managed network solutions for a wide range of clients, ranging from telecommunications companies to banks. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands when choosing our service.

Our aim is to provide simple, cost effective security solutions to SMBs while ensuring all our clients achieve both PCI DSS and Guest Wi-Fi compliance. The threat of a data breach is increasing by the day, and small businesses are becoming an easy target for cyber criminals, as they don’t have the resources large companies do to invest in sophisticated security solutions and personnel. That is where we come in – we make cyber security easy, cost efficient and, most importantly, effective...

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Seamless Use

Customers only need to input details once, making it convenient for them to access your Wi-Fi network.

Real-time Data

Receive instant data about all of your connected customers, including details regarding their age, sex, and more.

Content Filtering

We block all websites that are deemed inapropiate or not suitable to be accessed on your Wi-Fi.

Certified Equipment

Our Guest Wi-Fi hardware is certified for commercial use, ensuring a reliable service.

Safe Wi-Fi

We are an approved Friendly Wi-Fi provider, meaning we block all indecent websites, including those on the IWF block list.

Marketing Possibilities

We offer endless possibilities for you to market your business, from customising the landing page to sending targeted marketing.

Social Login

Customers can connect to your Wi-Fi via social media accounts, generating more likes and followers for your brand.

Simple Dashboard

Real-time dashboard where you’ll receive up to the minute data on your users and you can tweak your content marketing.